Become a Mentor

A mentor is more than just a guiding force for those at the beginning of their career. They are pillars of support and positive promoters of the profession. Most of all they are valuable teachers who share insights not found in traditional education, textbooks or even google searches.

Are you an actuary ready to share your knowledge, expertise, and learnings with those in the early stages of their careers?

We’re looking for experienced and a diverse range of professionals to join as mentors for the Actuary Institute’s pilot Mentoring Program.

Applications close 17 June 2022.

To join the program as a mentor we are looking for individuals who:

  • Are members of the Actuaries Institute
  • Are professionals who can connect and provide guidance in the Actuarial profession 
  • Can commit for the duration of the program (July 2022 to April 2023). This includes x1 one-hour meetings with mentees per month at a minimum
  • Believe in lifelong learning and have a passion and helping others to navigate and grow their careers.

Mentors need to have:

  • Excellent communications skills and be able to provide honest and open, and timely feedback, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for mentees to ask questions and talk about their concerns
  • A collaborative mindset and be able to foster a forum that encourages an exchange of ideas
  • The ability to encourage your mentee and provide genuine positive reinforcement
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality. If your mentee raises something that needs to be discussed with others, it should first be agreed to within the mentoring relationship
  • Problem-solving skills and be an active listener

All Mentors will be asked to participate in two HQ check-ins and the post-program evaluation.