Mentor Program benefits

Our Mentoring Program supports mentees in their career and at the same time provides mentors with the opportunity to become leaders in the field.

It’s a win-win-win scenario!

Mentee benefits:

  • Develop communication skills and knowledge
  • Build professional networks and a support system
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Discuss and learn theoretical and practical issues with an established Actuary
  • A confidential opportunity to discuss workplace issues
  • Support and guidance about how to progress your career
  • Feedback on how to implement positive changes and overcome challenges
  • Conversations that challenge thinking, and generate new ideas; and
  • Accumulate CPD points

Mentor benefits:

  • Contribute to the future of the Actuarial profession
  • Improve management, leadership, and communication skills
  • Connect with and help others within the industry
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge
  • Recognition of commitment to the profession
  • Reflection on current projects and office practice
  • Collaboration and networking with peers
  • Accumulate CPD points; and

Employers of the Mentor / Mentee:

  • Improved management and technical skills
  • Discover new or growing talent
  • Encourage and promote leadership
  • Deepen professional and ethical consideration