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Available live in-person or virtual only (Not available for replay)

Plenary Program

Monday 2 May 2022

Capitalism – what have you done for me lately?

It’s pulled millions out of poverty but today global, rationalist capitalism is reeling, trying to explain its role in environmental degradation, inequality, tech monopolies and corporate short-termism. In this session our panel ask: Is it broken. Can it be fixed? And what are the models for a better economic system?


  • Chair: Alan Kohler
  • Danielle Wood – CEO, Grattan Institute
  • Rebecca McGrath – Chairman, OZ Minerals
  • Ian Macfarlane – Australian Economist and Central Banker
  • Sir Paul Collier - Economist


After the Mask? Extraordinary Leadership in a Post-COVID World

Was the pandemic a “time machine to the future”? Or just a temporary disaster we’ll push to the side as we search for the comfort of the old normal? In this plenary a diverse group of thinkers sketch the shape of post-pandemic life, the future of the office and what a great post-Covid leader will look like.


  • Chair: Naomi Edwards – Summit Convenor/Non-Executive Director
  • Adam Geha – CEO and Co-Founder, EG
  • Alison Pennington – Senior Economist, Centre for Future Work, The Australia Institute
  • Elise Sharpley, Partner, Deloitte Consulting and author of The Future of Work

In a special session, we follow up with an interview of Ilan Leas, Managing Director of Retender, to discuss the release of his book about the reality of the first few years of a start-up, titled ‘The Improbable Entrepreneur’’.

Tuesday 3 May 2022


Dr Ken Henry AC





Practice at the highest levels and one day you’ll find your judgement under question when the stakes are at the highest.
In this plenary our eminent guest speaker Dr Ken Henry AC will talk through his thoughts on the challenges of doing the right thing, particularly when events go awry. 


  • Dr Ken Henry AC
  • Danny Gilbert – Managing Partner, Gilbert + Tobin
  • Dr Simon Longstaff – Executive Director, The Ethics Centre
  • Margaret Cole – Board Member, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority


  • Ian Laughlin

Purpose and Growth – the future for actuaries

The new strategy of the Institute and profession is focussed on Purpose in our Community and Growth. In this plenary, the Presidential Trio and CEO of the Institute look back and celebrate how our Australian profession has served business, government and the wider community over the last 125 years; and the future horizon opportunities for career growth, growing the profession, and the importance of purpose.

  • Chair: Mark Samuels
  • Annette King
  • Naomi Edwards
  • David Whittle
  • Elayne Grace


Special Event: Radical actuaries and how they’d save the world

In this special session we’re giving the job of saving the world to the youngest, brightest actuaries in the business. Each of the panel will have ten minutes to call out the issue of the day – and to solve it. Radical, tongue in cheek and daring, it’s the perfect session for those who want to know what the future will look like – and who’s going to shape it.


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Chaired by Annette King

Available live in-person or virtual only (Not available for replay)

Wednesday 4 May

Out of the Storm

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.” (Murakami)

In this session, we look forward from the events over recent years, and using this real life experience, explore how we can improve our preparation for dealing with disasters. We speak to leaders across a number of Actuarial practice areas on their perspective of projections and preparation, how individuals and institutions have been able to bounce back, and strategies to ensure we emerge more resilient and stronger and better prepared.


  • Andrew Matthews – Principal, Finity
  • Brett Ward – Chief Actuary, IAG
  • Nghiep Luu – GM Data Analytics & Optimisation, AIA
  • Suzanne Patten


Big Data and the Bigger Picture

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence will transform everything and there is nowhere to hide. In this plenary our experts look to the future and assess the skills – judgement, an ethical grounding, communication and creativity – that will turn this mastery of data into a competitive advantage and social good in the context of the evolving regulatory environment.

  • Chair: Elayne Grace, CEO – Actuaries Institute
  • Craig Price – Head of Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence CoE, Suncorp
  • Dr Catriona Wallace – Artificial Intelligence Expert, Adjunct Professor, Director, Gradient Institute
  • Alison Bliss - General Manager of Data, Analytics and Insights, APRA

Mini Plenary Program

Is Demographics the Answer?

A group of actuaries look at a range of high profile problems facing society including climate change, generational equality, government policy and even the future of the profession, and ask the question, drawing on one of the profession’s core, but sometimes, overlooked deeply embedded skills, and ask the question “is demographics the answer?”. This should be a thought-provoking session with some high profile, deep thinking panellists.

  • Chair: Douglas Isles - Wealth and Investment Curator/Investment Specialist - Platinum
  • Elayne Grace – CEO, Actuaries Institute
  • Nicolette Rubinsztein – Non-Executive Director
  • Ian Laughlin
  • Guy Thorburn 

Who solved COVID?

During the pandemic, we have seen governments, organisations and the people  make tough decisions to ultimately try and keep the pandemic under control. Now that some of the dust has settled, who was responsible for helping solve the problem and make those decisions? Was it the scientists who worked on the vaccines? Governments who imposed restrictions, lock downs and gave financial support to people to stay isolated? Or is it the people themselves who voluntarily restrict their movement ? 

In this session we look at the facts and look at this issue from the perspectives of the scientist, the government vs what the data reveal. 

  • Chair: Hoa Bui
  • Professor Catherine Bennett – Inaugural Chair in Epidemiology, Deakin University
  • Douglas Isles – Wealth and Investment Curator/Investment Specialist – Platinum
  • Roseanne Harris


A tour of the Australian actuarial education system

Your actuarial “tour guides” will take you on a journey through the Australian actuarial education landscape. The tour will visit three regions – Foundation, Actuary and Fellowship – and assess their relevance to the actuary of the future.

Before we set off, we’ll take a glance in the rear-view mirror to check where we’ve been, and the changes implemented over the last three years. We will also monitor the dashboard to review our progress and chat with recent tourists (graduating students) on their experience. Next, we’ll invite prospective travellers and keen observers from outside the financial services sector to assess our itinerary (courses) and consider if an actuarial education meets their needs. And finally, there will be an opportunity for our guests to propose new destinations for the future.

  • Chair: Tim Jenkins – Partner, Mercer
  • Janice Jones
  • Amanda Aitken
  • Adam Butt
  • Mike Callan
  • Hannes Boshoff
  • Richard Zhou


Diversity and Inclusion Survey Results and Recommendations

The Diversity & Inclusion Group presents the results of the survey of the membership into the diversity of the membership, member's experiences, and views on priorities for Diversity and Inclusion. This includes some proposed recommendations for next steps for the Institute and the Membership.

  • Chair: Jennifer Lang
  • Ayeeda Akhand 
  • Chen Yang
  • Harrison Gee
  • Margarita Paras