TuESDAY 7 December 2021

10:30am Plenary 1: Emerging fields, evolving risks

Rade Musulin, Evelyn Yong, Rick Shaw, Elizabeth Baker, Brett Peppler, Tim Gorst

As actuaries move into an ever wider range of fields – from data analytics to climate change to AI and more – our views of risk management also need to evolve.  In this plenary, we assess how young actuaries can train themselves to think even more broadly to address and tackle these new and emerging risks.

12:00pm Break
Plenary 2: Decisions under uncertainty – COVID, actuaries and lessons learned

Dr David Price, Suzanne Paten, Jennifer Lang

Ever wondered how the actuaries you really look up to got to the senior position they hold today? Want to know how to get ahead in your career? In this plenary, we interview experienced professionals about the actuarial career path, how they got to where they are and what the real keys to success are.


Plenary 3: It’s not on the CV. The real secrets of career success

Annette King

As the world we live in continues to change and technology advances, the non-traditional areas in which actuaries can practice in are expanding. Naturally, with new practice areas there are new opportunities but there are also new challenges and risks.

Some of these includes natural language processing and computer vision, focusing on how computers can understand digital images, videos, and words. With the continued growth of data and reliance on cloud computing, another emerging area is managing cyber risks and responding to cyber incidents.

Actuaries are also increasingly playing a role in the social sector, providing detailed analyses and considered solutions to policy makers. 

In this plenary, delegates will learn more about how actuaries are making positive contributions and what the key considerations would be for anyone interested in working in these areas.

3.00pm Virtual Networking 
4.00pm Virtual Conference Finish