2022 Presidential Address - Fearless Actuaries

In her 2022 Presidential Video - Fearless Actuaries – President Annette King links the strength of our past to the potential of our future. She commits the Institute and the profession to social good and growing opportunities for actuaries.

Annette also calls on all actuaries to speak up, and have the courage to seize opportunities – “the age of data is the age of the actuary”, says Annette.

Social good

“We need to have the courage to speak up – our role as guardians of the public interest has never been more important.
And that includes ensuring the financial sustainability of so many services that people rely on
– whether that’s the NDIS, home insurance, super and so much more.”

Annette King, President

The roots of our profession in Australia were formed protecting the community - our deep influence in financial services began with our roles as guardian of the policyholder interest in insurance.

In her video, Annette highlights the extent of our commitment to social good. How we guard the interests of policyholders and shareholders, no matter how small. 

And how we lead the big debates about social issues that affect many in the community – from intergenerational equity to the climate debate to disability insurance.

She commits the profession to building on our history of social good – not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it supports the standing and impact of the profession – and thus underpins the careers of actuaries everywhere.

Growing the profession

In her video, Annette sums up our growth strategy, stating that “Now is our time” to grow in multiples instead of increments, to grow the diversity of the profession, as well as the range of fields in which actuaries work.

“But it’s not just about data. We are ideally adapted for growth in so many fields of opportunity. Whether it’s climate, risk management, energy optimisation, ESG or public policy. We have the curiosity, skills, training and ethics. What we need more than ever, is courage. Courage to create. And courage to grow.”

Annette King, President

You can watch Annette’s video below, or download her written address here.