How to Become an Actuary

The actuarial education program in Australia is made up of three parts, the Foundation Program, the Actuary Program and the Fellowship Program.

The Foundation Program can be completed by:

  • Studying an undergraduate actuarial degree at one of eight accredited universities seven in Australia and one in New Zealand;
  • Distance study through sitting the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries UK examinations offered through the Actuaries Institute; or
  • Credit transfer from another actuarial society.
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The Actuary Program teaches you how to apply your technical actuarial skills to a range of problems across different business environments. Two subjects in this program are taught by the accredited universities with the other two being delivered by the Actuaries Institute in an online environment.

The Fellowship Program is offered online through the Actuaries Institute.   It builds on the Foundation and Actuary Programs, and teaches students how to apply their skills and complete studies in specialist areas of practice.

To find out more, see Education Program.