Key Dates



Education Related Event

9 December 2019 – 13 January 2020  

Semester one enrolment period

13 January   

Semester one starts.

20 January 

How To Pass Exams Workshop Session –
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

25 - 28 February  

Course 10 Commercial Actuarial Practice Residential Course

2 March  

Fellowship Program Assignments Due

12 March   

CAP Post-Course Assignment Due

27 March   CAP Post-Course Assignment Results Released

31 March  

Fellowship Program Assignments Results Released

April Exam Period
Part III and Fellowship Examinations

 Deferred to Semester 2

15 April   

Final withdrawal date from UK SP1 or SP9 exam
30 April   

UK SP1 Health Exam (online)

1 May   

UK SP9 ERM Exam (online)

24 July

UK SP9 ERM Exam and SP1 Health Results Released



Education Related Event

1 June  – 29 June    Semester 2 Enrolment Period
29 June    
Semester 2 starts
 1 July – 30 July Extended enrolment period for candidates awaiting Semester 1 UK results release

*Please note that the semester will begin on 29 June
06 July    Student Information Session
3 – 14 August  Course 10 Commercial Actuarial Practice Virtual Residential Course. More information here.
17 August   Fellowship Program Assignments Due
27 August  CAP Post-Course Assignment Due
31 August
 Student Information Session
11 September      CAP Post-Course Assignment Results Released  
14 September    Fellowship Program Assignments Results Released 
30 September
Course 5B Investment Management and Finance Exam 
2 October
SRA Superannuation and Retirement Applications Exam 
2 October
Course 6A Global Retirement Income Systems Exam
5 October UK SP1 Health Exam
6 October
6 October LIRV Life Insurance And Retirement Valuations Exam
7 October Course 3A General Insurance Exam 
8 October   Course 3B General Insurance Exam
9 October   Life Insurance and Retirement Product Development Exam
12 October   Life Insurance Applications Exam
13 October    
Course 5A Investment Management and Finance Exam
14 October   Course 6B Global Retirement Income Systems Exam 
15 October     Course 10 Commercial Actuarial Practice Case Study Exam 
22 October  C7A ERM Workshop 1(Sydney) 
23 October    C7A ERM Workshop 2 (Sydney) 
3 December   Fellowship Program Examination Results Released
18 December  UK SP9 ERM Exam and SP1 Health Results Released