Life Insurance and Wealth Management

The Life Insurance and Wealth Management Practice Committee (LIWMPC):

  • contributes to the strategic direction of the Institute;
  • actively supports the development of actuarial practice through the Institute’s education, CPD, standard-setting, public policy and research activities; and
  • actively identifies and promotes opportunities for members working in life insurance and wealth management and facilitates communication and liaison within the profession.

The responsibilities of the LIWMPC include:

  • Identifying new and emerging technical and practice needs of members.
  • Identifying risk exposures for the profession in life insurance and wealth management and making recommendations to Council on how to manage these.
  • Maintaining and developing professional education materials, including reviewing the course syllabus.
  • Identifying continuing professional development needs of members and developing CPD programs and opportunities.
  • Identifying potential issues for research and development.
  • Reviewing and developing relevant Professional Standards and Practice Guidelines.
  • Preparing public policy submissions on technical issues affecting life insurance and wealth management and on matters of broader public interest, including research activity.
  • Communicating on a regular basis with members (e.g. via e-newsletters and Actuaries Digital articles) on issues and developments affecting life insurance and wealth management.
  • Developing links with other actuarial bodies (overseas) and relevant professional and industry bodies.
  • Reviewing existing and identifying new Policy Statements for Council’s ‘Statements of Policy and Procedures’.


WMSC Members

Aidan Nguyen (Secretary)
Anthony Brien
David Carruthers
David Millar^
Desmond Muzorewa
Douglas Isles (Convenor)
Eric Ranson
Felix Sun
Hendrie Koster
Henry Zhang
James Marshall
Jean Nette Koay
Kieran Walsh
Mark Berry
Melanie Dunn
Neha Chopra
Oscar Chen (Chair)
Philip Chu
Rein van Rooyen (Chair)
Tyrone Louw
Vivian Yu

Retirement Incomes Working Group

Anthony Asher (Chair)
Paul Swinhoe
Paul Scully
Darren Wickham
Brnic Van Wyk
Anthony Saliba
Richard Boyfield
Luis Sarmiento
Jeff Humphreys
Jim O’Donnell
Ramona Meyricke
Glenn Langton
Jim Hennington
Nicolette Rubinsztein
Pavel Shevchenko
John De Ravin
Graham Kelly
Mike Callan
Russel Chesler
Geoff Dunsford
Kerwin Gu
Wade Matterson
Jonathan Ng

Member Communications Members

Richard Land (Convenor)
Melissa Yeoh
Wen Yi Tang
John Low
Wen Yi Tang
Angat Sandhu
Ramona Meyricke
Esther Kahumburu
Melissa Yeoh
Peter Erlandsen

Life Faculty Members

Faculty Convenor Andy Siu
Chief Examiner (C2A) Anthony Brien
Assistant Examiner (C2A) Julian Braganza
Assistant Examiner (C2A)
Alice Truong
Chief Examiner (C2B)
Danny Bechara
Assistant Examiner (C2B)
David Ticehurst
Assistant Examiner (C2B)
William Zheng
Exam Writer (C2A), Course Writer
Georgina Hemmings 
Exam Writer (C2A), Course Writer   Peter Corbett
Exam Writer (C2B) Ashley Wilson  
Course Writer Lilian Chong
Course Writer Alissa Holz
Course Writer Chris Woolfrey
Course Tutor, Forum Moderator (C2A) Bruce Thomson
Course Tutor (C2B) Greg Bird
Assignment Writer (C2A and C2B) Raymond Bennett
Forum Moderator (C2B) Han Gan

Retirement Strategy Group

Benjamin Facer
Andrew Boal
David Knox
Nicolette Rubinsztein
Catherine Nance
Michael Rice
Tony Bofinger 
Darren Wickham
Anthony Asher
John McLenaghan
Elayne Grace

CPD Working Group Members

Jia Yi Tan (convenor)
Quanyie Tan
Shweta Krishna
Peter Kariatlis
Paul Ivory